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BrainWave Studio 1.0
Activate the secret source of power

Last Update: 08.01.2013 Licence: Shareware Rating:
Crystal Ball 1.0
Ask the Crystal Ball a question, and it will give you some funny answers.

Last Update: 30.12.2006 Licence: Freeware Rating:
The Major Arcana of the Tarot / Kabbalah 1
Tarot, Kabbalah, Tree of Life, Tetragrammaton, Esoterism

Last Update: 03.10.2005 Licence: Shareware Rating:
Astrology Prophet 1.0
Astrology Prophet is the program, which works by an unique astrological prophecy

Last Update: 02.10.2005 Licence: Shareware Rating:
Astroplus 4.21
Professionelle und umfangreiche Astrologiesoftware

Last Update: 08.09.2005 Licence: Shareware Rating:

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