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Easy Merge File Tool
Description: english
Easy Merge File Tool lets you split large files into smaller chunks and merge them back into a single file easily in just a few steps. It is freeware software that can be used to split and recombine files. Files can be divided into various size such as 0.8M, 1.0M, 1.2M and 1.4M, in order to disk to carry and the operation is very simple.
Version 1.2.4
Last Update 26.07.2015
System(s) Windows
Size 0 MB
Licence Freeware
Author FreeConvertSoft
Screenshot http://www.freeconvertsoft.com/MergeFile/Images/MergeFile.jp
Program-Info http://freeconvertsoft.com/filemanager.htm
Info-Email digiaquascr@yahoo.com
Downloads 3
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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