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Malayan Arowan Wallpaper
Description: english
Malayan Arowan Wallpaper is a free fish wallpaper that will animate your desktop activity by displaying realistic-looking malayan arowan which are swimming on your desktop with the light music. Free download and install Malayan Arowan Wallpaper, display an aquarium and beautiful malayan arowan swimming on your desktop. You can change the image that is displayed for your desktop background to your own picture. You can also listen to your own music hats saved under your files. Malaysian Golden Arowana Malaysia is the origin of most varieties of Arowana. Spending time watching malayan arowan swimming can be a very relaxing activity. Keep your desktop fresh and interesting with Malayan Arowan Wallpaper!
Version 1.1
Last Update 26.07.2015
System(s) Windows
Size 6.01 MB
Licence Freeware
Author digiaquascr
Downloads 12
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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