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Restore Windows XP Backup File
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We always notice that Restore Windows XP Backup File data corruption or BKF database file damage is a headache for any user whether they are technical or non-technical user. It may be arise due to following reasons:
a) Bad Sector or hard disk drive corruption: Backup file might be damaged if it exists in bad sector of hard disk.
b) Accidently turnoff computer: You can also loose you backup database file when system is accidently turned off.
c) Virus Attack: Virus is an unwanted program which harms system files. This is very normal problem but it creates a huge problem for user which is increasing day by day.
MS Backup Recovery Software has latest features which make it different from other BKF data recovery tool. There are three latest scanning methods which are as follows.
a) Quick Scan: This method is useful if the database is of large size. This technique is very fast to recover damage database.
b) Deep Scan: It gives you multiple phase of scanning and it is very secure method and it scans each and every file of BKF database.
c) Range Based Scanning: This method can be applied in both conditions: whether database is of large size or small. You can set a range of data from 0 to 100%. For example: If you want to recover oldest half amount of data then set it to 0 to 100%.
The good news for Win 7 and Win 8 user is that you can restore BKF file on Windows 7 & 8. You can restore Windows XP corrupt backup file in newest Windows versions. There is no need to install respective Windows version to restore Windows XP BKF file.
You can download free version to restore Windows XP backup file. Using free version it is easy to analysis the performance of this BKF restore tool but it has limitation to save attachments. We also provide personal license, Business license and Enterprise edition having price , 0 and 9 respectively.
Version 5.9
Last Update 27.07.2015
System(s) Windows
Size 2.96 MB
Licence | Price Shareware | 89 USD
Author Restore Windows XP BKF File
Downloads 9
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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