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The program works on the basis of mathematical calculations statistics of both teams for the last 5 games. All you need is enter the program results for the last 5 games of both teams and click on the Calculate button . Next, the program will calculate all possible outcomes , and will show you the results .

Radar table shows how much money has been put on a particular outcome for the last minute .
Look for these games , where the difference in money between the outcomes much more . The Bids column shows how many 1X2 money has been put on the outcomes of P1 , P2 and X .
Choose those matches where a large amount of money. The greater the amount - the greater the chance of passage . Similarly, TB ( 2.5 ) .


Everything is simple. Downloadable data and bet on current forecasts. The table shows the percentage permeability for each outcome. You can
Based on these percentages and the radar function, you can make your prediction with high cross, or put to the forecast, which gives you the program.
The blue color indicates the games that have been completed
The green color indicates the game, which will begin in less than 2 hours, or already in the game
The yellow color indicates the games that begin more than 2 hours
The data in the column Result are updated with a delay of several hours
Odds are listed at the time of the forecast
Last Update 19.08.2016
System(s) Windows
Size 0 MB
Licence | Price Shareware | 16 USD
Author AlexArt
Downloads 96
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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