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Delete Folders for Outlook
Description: english
This free utility deletes selected Outlook folders and/or subfolders. To delete many folders or subfolders in Outlook, Exchange Server, and Office 365 mailboxes and public folders, simply select the folders you want and run the utility. Deleting can be safe - all deleted folders are moved to the "Deleted Items", preserving the structure. If necessary, you can choose to permanently delete folders.

Key utility benefits:

- Safely removes all selected Outlook folders or Exchange Server public folders at once.
- Can delete all selected Outlook/Exchange/Office 365 folders permanently.
- Deletes subfolders of the selected folders.
- Provides the ability to run directly from Outlook or use a standalone application.
- Command line support enables you to delete folders and subfolders from batch files and scripts.

The command line tool allows you to delete Outlook/Exchange folders and subfolders in batch files, scripts, Windows Task Scheduler, and other scenarios.
Version 4.10
Last Update 10.09.2018
System(s) Windows
Size 0.29 MB
Licence Freeware
Author Relief Software
Downloads 2
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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