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Event Log Records Reports Alerts
Description: english
Works as a centralized Windows event viewer (eventvwr tool) to view event log records from multiple computers at a time, with event IDs (Windows event code), log file name (such as Security, Application or System event log), event message and more. You can use this free tool to export event viewer logs instead of using PowerShell scripts (Get-EventLog remote computer or Win32_NTLogEvent via WMI) and watch for some important security events, such as 1102 (Audit log cleared), 4719 (Audit policy changed), 4704 (user right assigned), 4717 (logon right assigned), 4697 (new service installed), 4616 (system time changed), 4720 (new account), 4722 (account enabled), 4738 (account changed) and more.
Version 2.5
Last Update 12.09.2018
System(s) Windows
Size 5.28 MB
Licence Freeware
Author Event Log Records Reports Alerts
Downloads 2
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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