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House Hidden Object 2
Description: english
Have you had time to enjoy the first part of the game house search for objects? If yes, then we are pleased to present to your attention, dear lovers of toys on android, the continuation of the game house - the search for objects. The game is based on the same principles as in the previous version. That is, you will need to find this or that thing. In each room you need to find different things. With the list of items to search, you can also see on the panel that will be displayed on the right of the screen. When you start the game, we again get to an abandoned house. You also expect dark rooms, inside of which (in most cases) there is complete chaos. Various items (tennis rocket, vase, mechanical part, boxing bag, flowers, urn, bottle, sculpture, etc.) will act as items to be searched. On the walls you can see strange inscriptions with faces. Differences game home - search for items 2 from the previous version will be in the list of items to search for and other rooms. In this part of the game, its developer will test your attention well. You will come across such rooms in which the design is also made so as to make it difficult to find the items you need. The color of objects, walls, floors can be combined with each other, this will create an additional difficulty for you in your search. And the old house with disrepair can completely hide the thing you need. You have to try hard. For those who have already played in the first part of this game, this exciting game will not seem so difficult. But who has not had time to play the first version of this game, it will be more difficult. After all, finding things, almost in an invisible space, is much more difficult than in bright and cleaned rooms. Learn to watch the volume. In this case, you will be more likely to find the item faster. In total, in this part of the game you will need to find more than 50 items. And they are all scattered to confuse you. The search for objects in the room in the game is given unlimited
Version 2.1
Last Update 18.11.2020
System(s) Windows
Size 0 MB
Licence | Price Freeware | 0,00 USD
Author Falco Software Company
Downloads 0
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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