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Stickman Killer 3
Description: english
We present you, dear lovers of toys on android, a new game about stickmans - Stickman killer 3. In this toy, amazing kills and puzzles and puzzles will await you again. In our game you will be presented as bloodthirsty zombies who really want to enjoy other characters - stickmans. For those who like to play with fantastic characters that kill people, this game is great. After all, you will see splashes of blood that will go from sinful people. It is time people pay for their sins. You, as it were, will clean the world of "dirt". The game will take place in various places: inside a two-story apartment building, in the street courtyard, on a city street with a crossroads. Your main task will be how to get into certain places so that zombies can eat stikmanov. And there will be those sinners who lead a normal life: sleep, wash, cook, drink tea, smoke cigarettes, play ball, sit on the couch, etc. And when the action of the game goes into the open spaces, then there you will have to face with total chaos. Cars will get stuckman, airplanes will fall on houses and destroy them (and from the wave that is created when hitting the house, they will cover the stickmans and they will learn
Version 2.1
Last Update 20.11.2020
System(s) Windows
Size 0 MB
Licence | Price Freeware | 0,00 USD
Author Falco Software Company
Downloads 0
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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