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Guess Picture Word 2
Description: english
Since childhood, we all love to solve riddles, participate in quizzes. This is especially interesting when the quiz has a colorful design. This game should not pass by. It is in it that you are waiting for 100 riddles. 100 pictures of different subjects are waiting for you to guess them. In all games there are clues, but there are no clues in this clue, which will give you a sharp nerve in passing and solving pictures. The game has a bright, colorful interface, four possible answers for each picture. It is necessary to guess the correct answer, after which a new picture will open. The game is waiting for you in the pictures of animals, insects, famous people, shots from movies and cartoons, various interior and household items, transport, countries, art, literature, and much more. You need to play, slowly and very carefully, you can play around to turn off your brain for a while and accidentally clicking on the wrong version will result in the initial passing of the game. The game can be compared to the mine clearance of a time bomb. The further you go through the game, the more difficult the pictures will be. But if you have the Internet at hand, then you will not find anything difficult in passing the game. Among the answer options will be forgotten Russian words that no one uses, but the Internet to help. The game is very informative, passing it, you will remember the meaning of words, the description of pictures, you will become smarter. Your creative and mental potential will grow. The game is designed for any age, even if the child does not know how to read, he will be able to reach the finish using the popular clique. The child will visually memorize the pictures and understand that it actually exists. The game is absolutely free. In many games there is an opportunity to spend real money on additional bonuses, features. There is no such thing in our game, everything is free. Age limit game for everyone. You can play at home, alone or with your family, at the
Version 2.3
Last Update 10.01.2021
System(s) Windows
Size 0 MB
Licence | Price Freeware | 0,00 USD
Author Falco Software Company
Downloads 0
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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