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Starcraft 2 Robotics Bay Tactics
Description: english
Learn about various tactics for using the Protoss structure known as the Robotics Bay in StarCraft 2 in this informative eBook. You will also learn about the upgrades that are available at this structure as well as about the Colossus unit that is also enabled. The information in the eBook is separated into different sections.

All of the sections in the eBook are listed as follows:
-Starcraft 2 Robotics Bay Tactics
-Recommended Resources

The Introduction section introduces the topic of the eBook which is all about the optional Protoss structure known as the Robotics Bay. The Starcraft 2 Robotics Bay Tactics section provides more detailed information about the topic of the eBook and provides additional information about the possible tech paths for the Protoss player to follow.

The Recommended Resources section provides some additional links for the enterprising Starcraft 2 player to learn more about Starcraft 2 and other games.
Version 1.0
Last Update 27.06.2012
System(s) Windows
Size 0 MB
Licence Freeware
Author StarCraft 2 Guidance
Downloads 94
Rating Note: 7 (0 Ratings)

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